Prologo Tirox Saddle 245x153 mm Anthracite/Black

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    The Prologo Dimension Space saddle has been designed to fit cyclists to provide maximum comfort for cyclists with average pelvic rotation/flexibility. It is ideal for long distances. The special PAS perineal channel, which is wider and deeper, eliminates numbness and reduces soft tissue compression, improving blood circulation in the pelvic area. The extra padding of 7 mm of special density foam and 153 mm wide ensures better comfort for long trips. Prologo has created this saddle for women and men who have a greater distance between the ischial bones and need a wider saddle. In addition, this saddle is equipped with Tirox rails, a light alloy of aluminium and steel, used in aviation and aeronautics. Tirox is an excellent compromise between weight and durability.
    • Dimensions: 245x153 mm
    • Rails: Tirox (7 mm)
    • Weight: 200 g


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