To pedal longer, more comfortably and more efficiently, with less discomfort and pain thanks to professional bike positioning. Positioning will not only improve your comfort and performance levels on the bike, it can also reduce the risk or impact of injury.

Cycle Robert has been specializing in bicycle positioning since 1982 and after 35 years and more than 22,000 bicycle fitting, the same principles remain true: adapt the machine to the person, and not the other way around.


What to expect

Pedal, of course, but not before completing a questionnaire on your fitness and health, followed by a bio-mechanical assessment where we will assess your physical history, your habits, discomfort as well as your cycling goals. Once your exact measurements are noted, adjustments and optimization begins. The stake of the asymmetrical physiognomy (our left side is different from our right side) of each one is a game of fractions and progressive adjustments. If it were simple and algorithmic, we wouldn't spend so much time correcting machine-made “technically correct” positions. Our 12 step process has been applied and proven a thousand times over - but all that matters when you position yourself is how YOU feel on your bike.


What to bring

Your bike, your shoes, your kit (shorts / bib and jersey), your socks and any bike parts you may have at home - just in case you need a new part and you already have the right one cut. You will pedal in the adjustment room just as you do on the road.



$ 300 plus tax


What you will get

More comfort, more endurance, a position that works with your natural physiognomy which, over medium and long distances, will reduce fatigue, discomfort and injuries. You might even notice that cycling pain could be drastically reduced or even go away! Rather, let's hope that everything goes unnoticed; that you will pedal at your leisure, without physical discomfort.

Get positioned by the real experts in positioning on bikes in Montreal. We've been helping cyclists get the most out of their rides, their bikes and themselves for over 30 years.