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  • XPS 15L

    Introducing our versatile 15-liter bike bag, designed to elevate your cycling adventures with convenience and style. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this bag boasts a dimension of 12"3/4 X 8" X 7", providing ample space for your essentials without adding unnecessary bulk.

    Equipped with a foldable side pocket, it offers additional storage for items like snacks, tools, or personal belongings, ensuring everything you need is within easy reach during your rides. The built-in bottle holder keeps hydration readily accessible, while the light holder enhances safety during low-light conditions.

    Featuring a Velcro attachment system, this bag securely fastens to your bike, providing stability and peace of mind as you navigate various terrains. Its universal compatibility allows it to effortlessly fit on top of all bike carriers, ensuring hassle-free installation and versatility for different bike models.

    But that's not all – this bag isn't just for storage. It doubles as an insulated cooler bag, keeping your beverages or snacks refreshingly chilled during long rides or pit stops. Whether you're commuting to work, embarking on a leisurely ride, or tackling challenging trails, our bike bag is your ultimate companion for convenience and comfort on the go.

    • Size: 12"3/4 X 8" X 7" (15 liters).
    •  Foldable side pocket.
    •  Bottle holder. 
    • Light holder.
    •  Velcro attachment.
    •  Fits on top of all bike carriers.
    • Insolated to use as a cooler bag


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