Bontrager Verse Short Elite Saddle 155mm

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  • Road & Trail-ready comfort and performance

    Verse Short Elite Trail Saddle takes comfort to the trail with a lightweight yet durable design that offers targeted support for all riders, all genders, and any off-road discipline. The short profile with a full cutout provides lasting comfort and Wing Flex allows the saddle’s edges to flex and adapt to riders’ inner leg movement and pelvic rotation.

    Product details

    1. Short profile provides targeted support for riders of any gender in a performance riding position
    2. Wing Flex allows the shell's edges to adapt to riders' inner leg movement and pelvic rotation
    3. Full saddle cutout minimizes soft tissue pressure for lasting comfort and performance
    4. Featherweight shell with Austenite rails that are lighter and stronger than hollow titanium
    5. Rugged finishing materials combine with Elite-level foam for lightweight comfort and durability
    6. Multiple widths and extended rail clamping areas give more fit options
    7. inForm saddles are born of cutting-edge biomechanical research to maximize performance and rider comfort
    8. Blendr accessory mounts offer clean integration of a Flare tail light


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