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Shimano Chaîne CN-HG600 à 11 vitesses

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Shimano has a history of passing design improvements and innovations in their top-end components onto their more value-priced component groups. The highly popular 105 road group is just such an example. The group evolved to 11-speed last year, an evolution that required an 11-speed chain similar to Dura-Ace and Ultegra. The HG600 105 11-speed chain is narrower for the 11-speed shifting technology and as a result it's lighter, too. It still offers that renowned Shimano durability. The Shimano HG600 is asymmetrical and non-directional for precision shifting action, and the inner plates have the SIL-TEC ultra-low friction treatment, which further increases durability and shifting efficiency while decreasing chain noise and friction. This chain can be used for both 11-speed road and mountain bike drivetrains



  • SIL-TEC treatment on inner plates ensures ultra-low friction for reduced resistance
  • Asymmetric, non-directional chain optimized for silky smooth, precision shifting
  • Same durability as 10-speed chain
  • Compatible with road and mountain bike 11-speed drivetrains