• Infini I-340P TRON 800

Infini I-340P TRON 800

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I-340P TRON 800

The TRON 800 I-340P bicycle headlight reaches a new level of durability and weatherproofing not typically found on ordinary headlights. Housed in a robust cast aluminum housing ideally suited for thermal management, the TRON 800 boasts a full palate of features.

An efficient 10W LED system produces an incredible 800 lumens of clear, white illumination. The TRON 800 offers the user 5 modes of operation ranging from constant illumination to highly visible flashing modes for added visibility.

A high precision optical lens ensure that the illumination projection from this unit is crisp and consistent.



The TRON 800 is robust, durable and designed to withstand the elements. The cast alloy main case is not only tough, but also quickly conducts heat away from the unit to prevent overheating.

This design and material choice allows for higher efficiency achieving 800 lumens from just a 10 Watt system. Rubber coated buttons are tactile and can easily be operated with gloved fingers while the battery indicators are intuitive and informative.



SIZE 103×40×35 mm
LED Hi-Power 10 Watt White LED
BATTERY Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery
RUN TIME 9.5hrs (Constant) / 4hrs (Boost) / 2hrs (Super Bright) / 25hrs (Pulsating) / 400hrs (Flashing)
CHARGE 3.5hrs (DC/5V, 1A)
BRACKET fit Ø19-Ø31.8 mm