Aspide Dynamic Open-Fit Large Noir 277 x 142 mm 215 g Saddle

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  • Aspide Dynamic Open-Fit Large Saddle Black 277 x 142 mm 215 g

    Product code: SAM-901MW001

    SILK / MICROFEEL: Breathable and lightweight coating with high abrasion resistance. Less prone to deformation.
    BIOFOAM: Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis while pedaling, guaranteed comfort, lighter weight, lasting resistance and ideal support. "Closed cell" surface guarantees completely water repellent padding
    REINFORCED CARBON FIBER: High performance nylon, enhanced with a high percentage of carbon fiber, improving rigidity and durability without affecting weight.
    MANGANESE: This material improves the characteristics of the frame, increasing its resistance to wear due to vibrations.
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