Hite-Rite Saddle Dropper: Silver - Long Drop

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    Hite-Rite Saddle Dropper: Silver - Long Drop - Breeze & Angell 

    That's right, this little spring was the world's FIRST dropper seatpost!  Who needs a $400 RockShox Reverb or Fox D.O.S.S. when you can have a piece of history all the way from 1986? Mountain bike hall of Famer and pioneer Joe Breeze designed this in the early 1980s to allow riding downhill without the seat in his way.  It clamps under the seatpost binder and the top collar clamps around the post.  Push down as far as you like for that descending position and reclamp.  Unclamp and it resets to your "pedaling" position.


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